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The Medina County Historical Commission

The Medina County Commissioners Court will appoint a County Historical Commission (CHC) for the purpose of maintaining and conducting programs suggested by the Commissioners Court and the Texas Historical Commission for the preservation of the County’s historic culture resources. In accordance with the THC, the purpose of the MCHC shall be the identification and recognition of historically significant sites, events, and individuals of Medina County; as well as, support and promote, whenever possible, the purpose of Texas Historical Commission. These goals may be accomplished through a variety of activities including, but not limited to, placement of markers, surveys of historical buildings and sites, preservation of the county's heritage through written and oral history, and promotion of education to the citizens of the county and its visitors.
Cowboys Restaurant, D'Hanis, Texas 
Thursday, May 23, 2024 7:00 p.m.


 Name Title Contact Information
Phil King
Chairman click here to Email
(210) 355-6546
Bradford Boehme
Vice-Chairman click here to Email
Peter Baron
Co-Marker Chair
Ron Benke
Carter Brown Battle of Medina Chair
Joe Fohn Secretary
Chuck Friesenhahn 
Georgia Davis Landmark Inn
Steve Davis 
Laura Hardt
Priscilla Hancock 
Robert Hancock
Bonnie Jaks Press Releases
Dianne Keeton
Kent Keeton
Mary King Castro Colonies LHC
Lester Ludwig, Jr. Vice-Chair
Diane Mann
Cynthia Malone
Martha Ortiz
Victor Ortiz, Jr. Military Liaison
Debbie Payne
Nancy Saathoff (Ehlinger)
Kenneth Rohrbach Treasurer
Lisa Schweers
Jonell Taylor (Weimers) Cemeteries
Mary Briscoe Member Emeritus
Elsie Rothe Member Emeritus
For information on both the Medina County Historical Marker Guidelines and The State of Texas Historical Marker Guidelines contact one of our Co-Marker Chairmen:

Bradford Boehme or Peter Baron.    

Click here for a list of Medina County Historical Markers 


CONTACTS:  Amy Hammons, Texas Historical Commission, amy.hammons@thc.texas.gov                (512) 475-2692

DATE:        June 7, 2019


AUSTIN, Texas - The Texas Historical Commission (THC) recognized the Medina County Historical Commission (CHC) with a Distinguished Service Award (DSA) for the 2018 year of service.  This annual award affirms CHC's that document ongoing, well rounded programs of history and preservation-related projects.  The award was presented during a meeting of the County Commissioners Court on July 18, 2019 to acknowledge the CHC’s dedicated service and stewardship of its architectural, archeological, and cultural landmarks. 

            “The Distinguished Service Award honors County Historical Commissions that go above and beyond to protect and promote local historic and cultural resources .  They are essential to our agency's efforts to save the real places that tell the real stories of Texas"  said THC Executive Director Mark Wolfe.  "The Texas Historical Commission presents this Distinguished Service Award to Medina County Historical Commission to honor its efforts to preserve the Lone Star State's unique heritage"

            Texas CHC’s provided more than 447,000 volunteer hours in 2018, which is an in-kind donation to the state valued at more than $11 million.  The THC assists more than 200 CHC’s through programs and services that preserve Texas’ heritage for the education, enjoyment, and economic benefit of present and future generations.  The THC’s advisory role to CHC’s is outlined in the Texas Local Government Code, the statute that enables County Commissioners Courts to establish CHC’s.  The Volunteer appointees, as directed by county officials, initiate and conduct programs that preserve the historic and cultural resources of Texas.

For more information about CHC’s in Texas, visit thc.texas.gov/chcoutreach or contact the History Programs Division at 512-463-5853.